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Welcome to Oak Grove High School. New students, you are about to experience learning and growing in a safe and exciting academic and social environment. Returning students, you have a key role to play in welcoming those who are new to the school. You also have the opportunity to experience a new curriculum, based on Common Core State Standards, that emphasizes understanding how to solve math problems over rote memorization and other subjects that will engage and encourage you to become independent, thinking citizens of a new connected and rapidly changing world.
Oak Grove High School (OGHS) cherishes the dedication of its parent/guardian volunteers and all adult encouragement of students’ academic, social and extracurricular activities. Their continued support of the students, staff and programs is what separates OGHS from all other schools.
  • Oak Grove is well-known for its award-winning athletic programs, with football, basketball, volleyball and soccer teams often securing league championships and division titles.
  • With more than 30 clubs and organizations, students can get involved in a variety of on-campus activities including student government or other leadership opportunities.
  • The school’s robust support services programs provide students with opportunities to increase participation in school; maintain academic success or improve grades; and engage in mentoring programs both on campus and in the community.
Biotechnology Magnet
  • Oak Grove's Biotechnology Academy provides instruction in the scientific concepts and laboratory research techniques currently used in biotechnology laboratories including solution preparation, sterile technique, gel electrophoresis, microscopy, bacterial transforamation, growing and maintaining cell cultures, spectrophotometry, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and purification of proteins.  Additionally, students will be offered internships, independent research, and career and networking opportunities in the field of biotechnology.