New Students & Parents

Welcome new students and parents,
 It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Home of the Eagles.  Oak Grove High School, located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, was established in 1967. It is a comprehensive public high school serving grades nine through twelve. Our mission is to provide a safe, caring learning environment where students achieve the academic, personal and social development required to become life-long learners, pursue post-secondary education, compete in a changing job market, and participate in a multicultural, democratic society.

Below are several academic, school site services and extracurricular activities that make Oak Grove an amazing school. Oak Grove should be your school of choice because:
  • We offer comprehensive sports, club, leadership and academic support programs, including 28 AP sections and more than 30 student-centered on-campus clubs.  Oak Grove is the right place for a student needing to improve academically or looking to complete their A-G coursework as well as take advanced placement classes and build an extracurricular resume for university acceptance.
  • Our Tutor Center provides after-school opportunities for one to one and group tutoring as well as a place for students to complete their homework.
  • We offer extracurricular activities after school such as weight training, body sculpting, jujitsu and open gym for various intramural sports to support the whole student. Funding for these programs comes to Oak Grove via a grant through the the 21st Century ASSETs grant, which awarded our school $250,000 per year for five years.  
  • Just last year, Oak Grove graduates attended elite schools including Columbia, Stanford, BYU, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz and UC Davis.
  • The Oak Grove Band and Colorguard is the top Northern California band in its division of the Western Band Association.
  • With participation from industry as mentors, advisory board participants, and internship providers, the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism is an award-winning academy that provides students with a “school-within-a-school” environment and transferable academic and career skills for success.
  • The Air Force JROTC academy teaches citizenship, service to the community, personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Our robust student support services program provides students with opportunities to increase participation in school; maintain academic success or improve grades; and participate in leadership opportunities both on campus and in the community.
  • We have eight state-of-the-art computer laboratories and an all-weather track and sports field. Additionally, the majority of our classrooms have recently been renovated with new learning centers including the addition of a new art building; our theatre and U Building are currently being remodeled with construction slated to be completed at the end of the 2015 school year.
The upcoming year promises to be an exciting one with everything in place for your child to be successful. The teachers and staff are looking forward to helping your child reach his or her academic goals