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Enrollment Information

If you intend to register your student at Oak Grove H.S., feel free to print the registration forms below, fill them out, and bring them to the Registrar's Office here at the school. The other documents I require for registration are listed below. Be sure to bring them with you as well. If you have any questions regarding registration, Mr. Lynch can be reached at 408-347-6514.

  • All registration papers must be filled out and signed by a parent or guardian
  • If a guardian (non-parent) is responsible for a student, we also need to see legal papers designating them as such
  • We need copies of the withdrawal papers and transcripts from the prior high school before enrolling here
  • We need a copy of the student's immunization records
  • If the student is coming from outside Santa Clara County, we also need to see a Tuberculosis test that is no older than 12 months
  • If the student is coming from outside the state, we need to see a Tuberculosis test that is no older than 12 months and either a Chicken Pox vaccination or a note from a doctor stating the student had Chicken Pox as a child
  • We need to verify that the student lives in Oak Grove's attendance area.  We accept PG&E bills, water bills, credit card bills, bank statements, mortgage papers and apartment rental agreements.  Bills older than 1 month will not be accepted.  We do not use personal checks, driver's licenses or phone bills.  The bills must be in the parent's or guardian's name.
  • If the student is in Special Education, please bring a current IEP