College Information

California State University Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission to the California State University as a freshmen, students must meet certain subject and scholarship requirements.

You must successfully complete the following high school subjects:

  1. English- Four years(Composition and Literature)
  2. Mathematics- Three years(Elementary Algebra, Geometry, and Intermediate Algebra)
  3. Foreign Language- Two years same language containing grammar, vocabulary, reading, and composition)
  4. History- One year (One year of United States History or one-half United States History and one-half year American government)
  5. Laboratory Science- One year
  6. Visual or Performing Arts- One year
  7. College Preparatory Electives- Three one-year courses chosen from: English, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Laboratory Science, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Social Science

All applicants must take the SAT I or ACT If a student's grade point average is below 3.0, but no lower than 2.0, the student must achieve the necessary college entrance test scores.

University of California Graduation Requirements

    Subject Requirement

    You must complete certain high school subjects with at least a 'C' in each semester of each course. These courses must appear on a list that the high school principal has placed on file with the university's director of admissions (The 'certain high school subjects' are referred to as the 1 to 6 sequence).

    1. History- 2 years. One year of World History and one year of United States History(The one year history requirement can be satisfied by taking one semester of Unites States History and one semester of American Government).
    2. English- 4 years(Composition and Literature).
    3. Mathematics- 3 years(Elementary Algebra, Geometry, and Intermediate Algebra).
    4. Laboratory Science- 2 years(Can take one in 9th).
    5. Foreign Language- 2 years(One language containing grammar, vocabulary, reading, and composition) or a waiver. See UC application.
    6. College Preparatory Electives- 2 years required(Chosen from at least two of the following: Advanced Mathematics, English, Advanced Fine Arts, Computer Science, Foreign Language, History, Laboratory Science, and Social Science).

    A one-year course is equal to one unit of University Of California entrance credit and 10 units of high school graduation credit. All 15 units required by the university for freshman entrance must be earned in academic or university prep courses. Seven of the 15 units must be taken in the 11th and 12th grades, and a college entrance test score(SAT or ACT).

    Scholarship Requirement

    The Scholarship Requirement defines the grade point average(GPA) students must attain in the A-F subjects to be eligible for admission to the University.

    If a students A-F GPA is 3.3 or higher the student has met the minimum scholarship requirement for admission to the university. If the students' GPA is below 3.3 and above 2.81, the student must achieve the necessary college entrance test score.

    Examination Requirements

    All Freshman applicants must submit scores as described below:

    A. Scholastic Aptitude Test(SAT 1)- (The Verbal and Mathematics scores submitted for this test must be from the same sitting) or the American College Test(ACT) composite score.

    B. SAT II which must include:

    1. English Composition
    2. Mathematics level 1 or 2
    3. One test from English Literature, Foreign Language, Science, or Social Science

    Note: It is recommended that students take the PSAT in both the tenth and eleventh grades as practice for the SAT 1's